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New Beauty Salon for Wheathampstead...

Heavens Above - it’s a Great Life

Trish Brewster has been involved with hairdressing and beauty therapy in one way or another for more than 50 years. Owner of Wheathampstead Village Salon, Coppertop, Trish began her training in a busy salon in St Albans. During her 6 years there, Trish also benefitted from extra training at Luton Tech and L’Oreal, becoming a high achiever in everything she did.

She married and moved to Colchester and at just 21 years old Trish was recruited to manage a salon in the town. But Trish was unhappy there and moved back to Hertfordshire and Redbourn where she had lived as a child. After her two children were born Trish began working at a salon in Dunstable, then moved on to run her own salon in Harrow, which was a great success for 13 years. Trish sold the business with plans to take time off and relax but soon found that she was itching to get on with something else and became involved with a voluntary group where she helped the elderly with their hair care and style.


In 1980, she bought the hairdressing salon in Wheathampstead Village, deciding to continue with its name Coppertop. The salon was completely revamped and modernised and better quality hair products such as Redken and L’Oreal were introduced as standard.

Some years later Trish gained a Master Craftsman Diploma which is among the world's more select and famous hairdressing awards. Only Registered Hairdressers with management and training experience - in fact the cream of British hairdressing - are awarded this diploma from the Hair Council.

Trish continues as a stylist in the salon and has 4 other staff members (including a Saturday girl) most of whom have worked at Coppertop for 7+ years.

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