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Contactless Payments for Local Buses


No more searching around looking for change to pay for your bus ride. You can now travel with a tap thanks to contactless payments with your card or smart phone on Arriva buses throughout Hertfordshire .

Whether you’re commuting to work or heading out to meet friends , bus travel around Hertfordshire  could get easier thanks to the roll out of contactless payments on all Arriva buses.



Most bank cards have the contactless symbol and so can be used on the buses  so as long as the journey doesn’t cost more than £30.

Arriva have been working to replace the ticket machines on all their buses and  whilst  contactless is not operational in all  areas yet , you can expect to be able to pay this way on our local Arriva  buses

You can buy any tickets (single, return, day or weekly) up to the value of £30. There is also a group ticket, where a number of single or return tickets to the same destination can be purchased as one paper ticket; for example 1 adult and 2 children, single to town centre, will be printed as one ticket and can be purchased with one tap of your contactless card or device, providing the total cost is less than £30.  

What is contactless payment?

For the record, Contactless lets you board the bus without worrying about having the right change. It’s available on most debit and credit cards, and you can use it to make instant payments with a tap, without ever entering your pin. There’s no minimum spend amount to use contactless payment onboard our buses. As long as it’s under £30, you can pay to travel just by tapping your card on the ticket machine. Tickets will still provided and will also include your payment card receipt.

Check for the symbol  to ensure that your card or device is contactless-ready before boarding to take advantage of this new faster way to pay.

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