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Car Repairs:  Six questions to ask before you decide

Most of us own a car these days as we need them to get to work, to meet friends or even to get the shopping. Whether modern or old, most cars will need some sort of work at some point; an MOT, tyres, battery or servicing and without significant mechanical skill and training with so much at stake we need to make sure we choose the right garage to carry out repairs. But how do you decide which place is best for you and your car?

Take a look at our suggestions of which six questions to ask when choosing who should repair your car.

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Look at Testimonials and Reviews

Asking friends and family for their recommendation remains a great way to find a good garage, although looking online at testimonials and reviews is also a good guage. Most garages will have their own web site these days and some will have connections to review sites.


How long have you been in business

You will want a firm that has been around for a while to ensure that they are secure enough to have the staff, skills equipment and the organisational abilities to work on and repair your make and model of car.

Are your staff aware & trained in use of modern techniques?

It’s good to ask about qualifications and work history and recent training of mechanics and technicians. Any decent garage will be proud of its skilled work force and so happy to talk it through with potential customers. In some cases, information about a garage can be found online in advance.

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Is your work guaranteed?

Make sure that all work and parts are guaranteed for one year - something that most reputable garages will offer. But always ask before handing over any money and if anything needs to be replaced, you can ask the garage if they will be happy to show you the parts afterwards and get them to explain to you what they’re doing and why.


Are you and your work force up to date?

Garages need to be licensed to carry out MOT inspections and diagnostic equipment is being updated all the time for modern cars, so it’s important to check that your chosen garage has all the necessary licenses and relevant current equipment to work on your particular make of car.


Ease of doing business

This covers a multitude of important things to find out, such as - does the garage offer a collection and delivery service, do they provide a quote and get your approval before starting on work, do they offer advice about what type of service you need and will they explain things fully, speaking in layman’s terms.


Finally, always make sure you get a receipt and keep these records safe. Having a full service history can add significant value to a car and will also provide you with piece of mind.

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