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All about Music and Fun at Village Day


As usual lots of people, old, young and very young, gathered along the road sides in Wheathampstead Village eagerly awaiting the annual village weekend parade.

Also, as usual, it was worth the wait - along with various floats, classic cars and schools, the crowds were treated to some great costumes from many of the participants as well as those on and walking along side floats. We spotted at least one Elvis as well as children playing their ‘instruments’ in make believe bands echoing this year’s theme of music through the ages.



Many local schools and nurseries were represented and local Morris men and women danced along with the procession too. The local fire service turned out with their engine, waving to everyone and one classic car, which looked like it was powered by steam, chugged along making their way along and up to Marford Field, where various stalls and food and drink outlets were waiting to entertain the crowds further.

The crowds followed the procession up to Marford playing fields where we bumped into some old friends as well as a smattering of the great and the good of Wheathampstead. There was a brass band, various animals and at least one hen as well as a mini funfair, stands and stalls selling everything from beer to burgers and quite a lot in between. Initially there was a dog training show in the centre ring which was followed by a dancing display from days gone by. We had so many great images and were simply unable to choose one or two so, if you were there, see if you can find yourself and your friends in our picture montage opposite.

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