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Big Changes to Adult Community Care


Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group, ( CCG ) have awarded the adult community health care contract to Central London Community Health Care Trust (CLCH).

Despite their name, CLCH aren’t total strangers to Hertfordshire. Over the past few years they have provided the West Herts Enhanced Community Respiratory Services and have been commissioned by the county council for county-wide Sexual Health Services.



This new way of working will bring physical and mental health, social and voluntary care organisations closer together so that patients can benefit from more co-ordinated care.

Andrew Ridley, CEO at CLCH said: “We are very pleased to have been chosen as the new provider.

"It’s an opportunity to deliver an integrated model of care that builds on our experience as an established healthcare provider in Hertfordshire, where we already provide both sexual health and respiratory services and adds to our significant expertise in delivering community services across eleven London Boroughs. We very much look forward to working in partnership with local GPs, NHS Trusts, social care and voluntary sector organisations to deliver quality care to patients.”

Herts Community Trust (HCT), who previously held the contract, will continue to be responsible for delivering children’s community care across the county, as well as adult services in the East and North district.

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Healthwatch Hertfordshire, whose role is to act as the voice of local people at the decision maker level for health and social care, were surprised by this decision following the recent ‘good’ Care Quality Commission rating HCT received only this week. Steve Palmer, chair of Healthwacth Hertfordshire said “People who depend on adult care services will want to be confident that in the future they will be as good or better than they are now and changes to the provider do not disrupt these services. Our role as Healthwatch Hertfordshire is to ask the questions that residents and patients have, and ensure the people of Hertfordshire can be confident in the answers”.

Geoff Brown, chief executive of Healthwatch Hertfordshire said “Our first concern is for the people who rely on the services HCT currently provide. Continuity of care is exceptionally important as community care is delivered to some of the most vulnerable residents within the county. Disruption to routines and important maintenance can quickly escalate to serious health risks. We expect to have a key role over the next 6 months ensuring that plans and provisions are being put in place. Following any transition, we expect to see a better and more robust service being provided. Finally, we will be working closely with HCT and their commissioners to ensure that this will not have a negative impact on other services the trust still provide across the county.”

Kathryn Magson CEO at Herts Valley CCG said “CLCH are a well-established NHS organisation and already familiar with West Hertfordshire, as providers of integrated community respiratory care.

“During this extensive process, the Trust evidenced their strong track record in delivering transformation and demonstrated their ability to respond effectively to our requirements.”

Patients will continue to receive local NHS services from existing staff, who will become employed by CLCH.The Trust will be working closely with colleagues in Hertfordshire to ensure a smooth transition.


Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group

Central London Community Health Care Trust

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