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According to Mark Lumley of John Curtis estate agents in Wheathampstead, house prices have reached a more realistic level and Despite Brexit fears, there are still local people that want to buy and or sell their properties. They may require more space or need to downsize to something more manageable or the move may be motivated by school catchment.

Mark said, "When it comes to selling your home, if you need or want to sell, our advice is don’t wait - it seems that nothing much is going to change in the short-term, so as there is a bit of a shortage, it’s got to be a good time to market your property and take advantage of the situation.

Continuing uncertainty created by the Brexit process is causing buyers and sellers to sit tight in increasing numbers, according to the recent RICS UK Residential Market Survey which claims that almost half of respondents listed political uncertainty caused by Brexit as impacting the UK housing market. (RICS  The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)

But for those that need to buy or sell for whatever reason, it’s worth noting that the RICS Housing Forecast 2019 suggests prices will neither grow nor fall in the near future (0%) so it seems that there is little point in waiting."

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