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Think Once Think Bike


Always great to see new shops opening in village locations so it’s a great big welcome to the Electric Bike Volt to Wheathampstead Village High street.

If you’ve always fancied owning a bike but never quite got around to it, or you are trying to decide how to improve your current ride – it’s worth taking some time to visit the new shop. Leigh Stephenson, the owner,  will talk through the options, offer advice and a test ride too. There are bikes for kids as well as adults and includes everything from mountain bikes to the latest technology of E-Bikes.



According to Leigh, these E-Bikes take the dread out of having to pound your way up a hill if on the daily commute to work or to the station. No sweat patches on clothing as well as low physiological stress. You get there fresh, not distressed.

They offer the less toned rider the chance to regain their fitness and join in on more demanding rides that they would otherwise be denied. You choose from different levels of assist to suit your riding and terrain. If you are out riding with other E-Bike riders, you ultimately go further, swifter and smoother then on a conventional (mechanical) bike.

So, if you are a local cyclist, The Electric Bike Volt will definitely be worth a visit.

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