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Hit Man and Former Strangler

'Golden Brown, Strange Little Girl, Always The Sun, Peaches, No More Heroes, Nice & Sleazy... sound familiar?


All big hits, all great songs, all written and sung by Hugh Cornwell, the songwriter behind The Stranglers.

Hugh grew up in London and was involved with the then Guildford Stranglers from the start before the band settled on the name The Stranglers. Cornwell was the lead guitarist in the group and he also sang the majority of songs. By 1977 the group had secured a contract with United Artists United Artists Records; they went on to become the highest-selling band to emerge from the UK punk scene, with numerous hit singles and record albums.

The Stranglers.jpg


By the time Cornwell reached his thirties the British punk scene had started to fade, and this was instrumental in prompting him to begin a solo career. He recorded his first album away from the group in 1979.

In 1990 he decided that the Stranglers could go no further artistically. He recorded the album 10 with the band before leaving after 16 years.

Now he’s back with a new album ‘Monster’ on Sony Music and has announced tour dates for November and December and is set to appear locally at Harpenden Public Halls on November 21st .


Expect an opening set of prime solo songs, including picks from ‘Monster’, followed by a storming set of those iconic hits, sung and played by the man himself and his band.

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