Front Page Wheathampstead Magazine Augus

Now Back in Print!

I wish I could say thank goodness that’s over, but of course it’s not over yet as this terrible virus is still with us, so we must all remember to stay alert and look after ourselves and others.

Having said that, it seems that we are now much closer to getting back to normal and in fact that ‘new normal’ that reports have referred to is surely just around the corner. For us at MiniMagazines, it’s been new but definitely not normal to be publishing online only but now, for this issue and from now on, we are back in print and should be going through every letterbox in the area and copies are available to pick up at various places as well as shops and stores including Tesco in the village. It’s worth noting that every month the magazine will also be available on our web site to view in digital format or PDF if that is what you prefer.

This month, we have included various events and usual regular happenings in the What’s On section, although please do make sure that you check before you travel to these events. The same applies to Clubs and Groups – these may or may not be active so please do check before you travel.

Meanwhile, Stay Safe, Stay Well,


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